Terms, regulations and auction methods

a.) Auction Terms
will be determined by the auctioneer in each item as follows:
1.) Product auction method
2.) Each auction period and each item
3.) Products to be auctioned each time

b.) Regulations for participation in the auction
1.) Bidders must present documents and notify the auctioneer of his intention to register as a bidder By bringing evidence to submit to the following
1.1) In the case of a person of Thai nationality Bring a copy of your ID card. or a copy of a government-issued card along with a copy of the house registration with a certified true copy signature
1.2) In the case of a person of non-Thai nationality Please bring your passport along with certified true copy.
1.3) In case of a juristic person, bring a copy of the certificate Limited partnership or a company or a public company, as the case may be, and certified true copy by the managing partner or authorized director The certificate must be issued. By the person who has the right to issue according to the law not more than 3 months from the date of issuance Until the auction day, together with a certified copy of the identity card and a copy of the house registration of the authorized director

The Auction Organizer will charge the buying free from The Bidders as follow.
product price range
1 - 100,000 Baht AT 10%
100,001 - 300,000 Baht AT 5 %

2.) Auction participants A deposit of 200,000 baht (two hundred thousand baht) or USD 6,000 (six thousand US dollars) must be deposited to the auctioneer. by paying in cash or cashier's check or draft (in case of other provinces) made payable to Bangkok Auctioneers Co., Ltd. or transfer money to the company's account as follows:
3.) The Auctioneer will issue a card number to show his participation in the auction. to bidders who have complied with Clause 1 and Clause 2. If the bidder does not win the bid for any item Bidders can request a refund of their deposit immediately or within 3 days after the auction is over. without paying any fees or registration fees. anything else If the bidder wins the auction the auctioneer will hold such insurance money Until the winning bidder has already paid for the auctioned product. In case the winning bidder does not pay the bid price The auctioneer has the right to forfeit the above deposit and if there is any damage. auction winner is also liable for the damage as well If the auction ticket is lost The bidder must notify the auctioneer immediately and shall be liable for any damage caused by the bidder's bid card number.
4.) Once registered, bidders can inspect all machines 3 days prior to the auction from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. As-is regardless of any statements. in the auction documents All items are sold by auction as is. Excluding VAT

c.) Auction
1.) Bids are to be bid by raising the hand with the card number. The bidder with the highest bid is eligible to be a buyer. The auctioneer will signal the end. The bidder is the winning bidder. If there is a dispute between the parties Bid verdict The auctioneer is the best.
2.) The winning bidder must pay 25% of the total auction price within 3 days after the auction date. the rest must Complete payment within 8 days after auction date.
3.) The winning bidder cannot cancel the bidding item under any circumstances. and if the winning bidder neglects not paying the price scheduled auction It will be considered that the winning bidder waives the auctioned property. and in this article auction winner Also be liable for the difference that the auctioneer puts the auction items. Selling again if the net amount is not worth the price and sales to the market
4.) If the auction winner does not pay the bidding price within The auction organizer has the right to seize the money that the bidder. All bidding
5.) In this auction, although the Auctioneer acts as a seller's representative, But the Auctioneer will not be held responsible for the Seller arising from negligence in any action. and details of the product for a reasonable period of time Therefore, when the bidder bids until he wins the auction Therefore, it can be considered that the winning bidder has clearly shown his intention to purchase the product. The winning bidder cannot claim any reason to refuse to pay the remainder of the price to the auction organizer.
6.) any documents that the auctioneer has attached with Bidder number card or that were given out after registration or posted on the auction site shall be deemed part of this Agreement.
7.) Ownership of the auctioned product has not been transferred until The winning bidder will pay for the product. Complete all items that can be auctioned within the period specified by the auctioneer.

d.) delivery of the auctioned goods
1.) When the winning bidder has already paid for the auctioned product. The Auctioneer is responsible for delivering the auctioned Goods and related documents to the Winning Bidder. At the location of the auction
2.) The winning bidder must take delivery of the auctioned product and move it out immediately, not more than 8 days, and must pay all expenses for moving the auctioned product.
If the winning bidder does not move the goods he bids within the time specified The winning bidder must pay for the storage space for the auctioned goods. to the auctioneer at the rate of 500 baht per day per item, and if the winning bidder fails to remove the product within 60 days after the auction date, the winning bidder agrees How does the auctioneer operate? in bringing such items to a new auction and use the proceeds from the sale to pay for the rental of goods product maintenance fee Auction fee and other expenses Incurred in full. If the money is not enough to pay the debt, the winning bidder is still liable for the missing part.
3.) The winning bidder must pay all expenses for moving the goods he/she bids for.
4.) If the winning bidder wishes to allow another person to receive the bidding on his/her behalf. The winning bidder must submit a Power of Attorney to receive the auction items on behalf of the auctioneer in the form attached in the card number book.
 5.) For any reason If the auctioneer fails to deliver the item that the winning bidder can bid Auctioneers are responsible for Just a deposit refund or refund the product (Without any interest whatsoever) received from the winners. Bid according to the number of items auctioned by the auctioneer. Cannot deliver only

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